Dean’s List


All of your hard work in school has paid off: you have a solid GPA, numerous extracurricular achievements to your name, and an acceptance letter from an excellent college. Now what? What can you expect from the college experience, and how can you get the most out of it? This book will answer your questions and help you find real and lasting success in college.

Deans at America’s top institutions join with John Bader to tell you what you need to know to have a rich and rewarding college experience. With wisdom, reassurance, and an insider’s perspective, the essays in this book will help you develop such successful habits as:

  • Focusing on learning, not on grades
  • Building an adult relationship with your parents
  • Working the system by understanding the system
  • Learning from diversity at home and abroad
  • Coping with failure
  • Planning boldly for life after college

Dean’s List offers a thoughtful, common-sense approach to higher education that allows every student to achieve.  While many books out there will tell you how to get an A in class, this book encourages you to do more, to explore college life, embrace new challenges, and become an independent adult and thinker.

For copies of “Dean’s List” go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Click here to download Dean’s List Chapter 1.  This introduction includes how college differs from high school, an overview of the 11 Habits, and a list of “Cross-Cutting Themes.”  The download also has the Table of Contents.

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